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Flora Lawn Care & Landscaping Inc.

started with the passion for landscape design, construction and the outdoors.
This is a local business that was started by a young man who spends every minute he has in the great outdoors, learning and admiring what nature has to offer.
We want to provide you with beautiful landscape, quality products and excellent timely service that you will be pleased with and will enjoy for years to come. From the first day you call, you will be guided through all the steps needed to complete your project in a stress-free manner.
We want you to be satisfied with everything we do.

We provide residential and commercial services. We are fully insured.

What We Do




Landscape Maintenance


Tree Service


Exterior Home Maintenance


We will create a detailed landscape design with a drawing of your specifications. We will create an environment your home or business deserves.

Our capabilities include and are not limited to:

• Gardens • Water features
• Drainage systems • Retaining walls
• Sidewalks • Driveways
• Patios • Decks
• Outdoor kitchens

Landscape Maintenance

Year-Round Landscape Care

We provide weekly maintenance of mowing the lawn, edging and weeding. We renovate lawns, mulch, groom flower beds, power thatch and seed. We offer Fall/Spring clean-up service to prepare lawn and flower beds for the following season.

Planting and Gardening

Flora Lawn Care & Landscaping Inc. ​provides garden planting and maintenance services for landscape beds.

Tree Service

Our Services Include:

• Tree Pruning/ Trimming
• Tree Removal
• Storm Tree Damage
• Tree Planting
• Plant Analysis and Diagnostics
• Stump Grinding
• Tree Disease Control
• Fertilization and Soil Management

Exterior Home Maintenance

We will repair, install, clean, replace, custom build whatever you need to improve the exterior of your home and it’s structural integrity.

• Fence installation and Repair • Gutter Cleaning and Repair • Power Washing Services • Soffit, Fascia and Siding Repair
• Deck/ Patio Repair and Construction
• Deck Staining, Painting and Finishing

​Landscape Maintenance Services

• Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, Trimming, Edging and Blowing Debris (from sidewalks, patios, and driveways) ***Service is based off of 32 weeks, split into eight equal monthly installments, April–November***

• Ongoing Weeding

Removal of all weeds in planting beds, gardens, tree rings

• Spring Clean Up

Removal of all yard debris

• Fall Clean Up

Removal of all leaves and yard debris, Perennials cut back (dead-headed and annuals removed to prepare for next season)

• Core Aeration

Removing core from turf (air, water and nutrients to access the soil and reduce water runoff)

• Dethatching

Remove thatch build-up (dead grass)

• Shrub/Tree Trimming

Groom all shrubs and trees under 15 feet (3 times a year)

• Mulching

Installation of premium hardwood double shredded mulch

• Bed Edging

Spade edging all planting beds and trees (clean transition between turf and planting beds)

• Flora Fertilization Weed and Grub Control Program

Early Spring: Slow release straight fertilizer,

Spring: Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent for crabgrass plus broadleaf weed control

Summer I: Granular slow release weed and feed

Summer II: Grub control plus fertilizer

Early Fall: Granular fertilization with broadleaf weed control

Late Fall: Granular slow release straight fertilizer

• Planting Bed Fertilization

Granular fertilization with pre-emergent weed control
Prepay for the season and receive an additional 3% off the yearly contracted price- all services included!

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