What We Do




Landscape Maintenance


Tree Service


Exterior Home Maintenance


We will create a detailed landscape design with a drawing of your specifications. We will create an environment your home or business deserves.

Our capabilities include and are not limited to:

• Gardens • Water features • Drainage systems • Retaining walls • Sidewalks • Driveways • Patios • Decks • Outdoor kitchens

Landscape Maintenance

Year-Round Landscape Care

We provide weekly maintenance of mowing the lawn, edging and weeding. We renovate lawns, mulch, groom flower beds, power thatch and seed. We offer Fall/Spring clean-up service to prepare lawn and flower beds for the following season.

Planting and Gardening

Flora Lawn Care & Landscaping Inc. ​provides garden planting and maintenance services for landscape beds.

Tree Service

Our Services Include:

• Tree Pruning/ Trimming • Tree Removal • Storm Tree Damage • Tree Planting • Plant Analysis and Diagnostics • Stump Grinding • Insect Management • Tree Disease Control • Fertilization and Soil Management

Exterior Home Maintenance

We will repair, install, clean, replace, custom build whatever you need to improve the exterior of your home and it’s structural integrity.

• Fence installation and Repair • Gutter Cleaning and Repair • Power Washing Services • Soffit, Fascia and Siding Repair • Deck/ Patio Repair and Construction • Deck Staining, Painting and Finishing

​Landscape Maintenance Services

• Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, Trimming, Edging and Blowing Debris (from sidewalks, patios, and driveways) ***Service is based off of 32 weeks, split into eight equal monthly installments, April–November***

• Ongoing Weeding

Removal of all weeds in planting beds, gardens, tree rings

• Spring Clean Up

Removal of all yard debris

• Fall Clean Up

Removal of all leaves and yard debris, Perennials cut back (dead-headed and annuals removed to prepare for next season)

• Core Aeration

Removing core from turf (air, water and nutrients to access the soil and reduce water runoff)

• Dethatching

Remove thatch build-up (dead grass)

• Shrub/Tree Trimming

Groom all shrubs and trees under 15 feet (3 times a year)

• Mulching

Installation of premium hardwood double shredded mulch

• Bed Edging

Spade edging all planting beds and trees (clean transition between turf and planting beds)

• Flora Fertilization Weed and Insect Control Program

Early Spring: Slow release straight fertilizer,

Spring: Liquid fertilizer with pre-emergent for crabgrass plus broadleaf weed control

Summer I: Granular slow release weed and feed

Summer II: Grub control plus fertilizer

Early Fall: Liquid fertilization with broadleaf weed control

Late Fall: Granular slow release straight fertilizer

• Planting Bed Fertilization

Granular fertilization with pre-emergent weed control

Flora Deluxe Packages

Prepay for the season and receive an additional 3% off the yearly contracted price- all services included!